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Meet The Team

With more than thirteen years of experience, Flávia Silva Apolinário was born in São Paulo and is a member and graduated from:

Internationally recognized, Brazilian Society of Coaching.

Advertising and Creation, with emphasis on Marketing, by Mackenzie University,

Post-Graduate in Image and Style Consulting at the University of São Paulo Belas Artes,

Public Relations and Media by The Mary Ward Center - London - UK, where she lived for four years.

Training in: Master Coaching, Mentoring, Mind Mapping, NLP, Leadership Techniques, Communication Techniques, Positive Psychology, Branding, Semiotics, Proxemics, Physiognomy and Astral Projection.


"What you need to know about me is that I was born to work with Image Management & Coaching. I wake up every day inspired to help my clients to improve and achieve their goals."


She has worked with musical management entertainment for nine years, Image Management & Coaching of artists and athletes. President of the ONG Flá Apolinário in partnership with Projeto Arrastão.

Author of: The Awakening of Your Image; Georgia Learns How to Love and Article; Image Consulting, Sport and Upcycling.

Flá Apolinário

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Image Manager & Coach

Know yourself and seek self-improvement. If necessary, after the personalized service or course, the client can have follow-up and direction for several professionals of our team.

Lucimar O. Julião

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Mauro Oliveira 

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Hair Stylist 


Keila Bis 

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Monica Steiner

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Luciana Pesinato

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Makeup Artist 

Emidio Peres

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Personal treiner

Izamara Mendes

Beautician and Maso Therapist

Agência MAM

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Comunication Agency

Joana Rubinsteinn

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Thalyson Galleoni

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Personal Muay Thai

Roseli Mendes

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Speech Therapist

Solange Dias

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Rita Guimarães

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Image Consultant

Estilo Mid 

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Image Consultant

Leka Alvez

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Makeup Teacher

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