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The Awakening of Your Image is a book for those who want to look more beautiful than they already are!

After all, we are all beautiful, regardless of what anyone thinks about you, even yourself because not everyone sees their own beauty.

This book is the wheelchair-bound girl, the boy with vitiligo, the teenager who has pimples, the man who has lost his hair, humanity.

We want to always be well presented, more beautiful and thus conquer the world.

This book will give you tips on how your image is being passed on to others from work to your love relationships and how not to err in this message.

We do not promise to bring love back in 30 days, but to convey the knowledge of your image more sincerely, the acceptance of maturity and the impulse to have what you want in this life.

Art by Camila Arruda.

Copyright © 2014 Flá Apolinário Gestão de Imagem & Coaching. Todos os Direitos Reservados.

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