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Know yourself and seek self-improvement. If necessary, after the personalized service or course, the client can have follow-up and direction for several professionals of our team.

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With over eighteen years of experience, Flávia Silva Apolinário was born in São Paulo and is graduated in:


Advertising and Creation, with an emphasis on Marketing, from Mackenzie University. Postgraduate in Image and Style Consulting at Belas Artes University de São Paulo. Public Relations and Media at The Mary Ward Centre London-UK, where she resided for four years. Brazilian Society of Coaching. Special student in Psychology at USP.


Training in: Mentoring, Master Coaching, Mind Mapping, NLP, Leadership Techniques, Communication Techniques, Positive Psychology, Branding, Semiotics, Proxemic Communication, Physiognomy, Astral Projection and Systemic Sexuality. ​


Worked in musical entertainment contracting for nine years, image management & mentoring artists and athletes.

President of the NGO Flá Apolinário in partnership with the Arrastão Project.

Author of: The Awakening of Your Image; Georgia Learns to Love, Image Consulting, Sport and Upcycling and Extraordinary(x)s diary. ​


"My greatest gift is to bring clarity to you!" ​

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Lucimar O. Julião

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Dianne Dias 

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Hair Stylist


Monica Steiner

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Izamara Mendes

Beautician and Maso Therapist

Agência MAM

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Comunication Agency

Joana Rubinsteinn

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Arthur Maringoni

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Luciana Pesinato

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Makeup Artist


Anna Tortorelo

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Terapeuta Sistêmica


Andreia Alcantara

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Harmonização Energética

Roseli Mendes

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Speech Therapistóloga 

Solange Dias

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Claudia Fellini

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Image Consultant


Mari  Winter

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Image Consultant


Vilma Luz

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Makeup Artist/Teacher

Rita Guimarães

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Image Consultant

Estilo Mid 

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Image Consultant

Leka Alvez

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Makeup Artist/Teacher

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