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ONG Flá Apolinário

The greatest dictator of the image is judgment itself.

It is advisable to become aware of these errors of logic and learn to reason in another way, thus building a better body satisfaction.

In partnership with
Projeto Arrastão

We conducted self-acceptance, mindset and empowerment studies for adolescents aged 13 to 18 years, in partnership with Projeto Arrastão. For these three tools of self-knowledge, we also use upcycling techniques, coaching, and physical activity such as yoga.The ONG Flá Apolinário was founded in 2016 in seemed with the organization Project Arrastão (founded in 1968), the two nonprofits. They work in the Campo Limpo region that lives in poverty. This work of human promotion and community development is done together with the families and give rise to the programs they offer in the areas of education, culture, income generation, housing and quality of life

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